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Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006, 02:07 pm

So I was going to fast today, but my bloodsugars were too bad and I had to eat. I had 2 pieces of bread with margerine. Yuk. Then, just cause it was lunch and I was hungry, I ate a bunch more things.

Totals so far:

- 4 pieces of bread with a little margerine (2 before noon, 2 for lunch)
- a handful of steamed beans with a little garlic butter
- a small piece of Colby cheese
- 2 pickles
- a slice of strawberry shortcake

I feel sooo full right now. It would've been better if I hadn't had the cake. Oops.

Last night, I ran a couple's night at the nursing home. It was potluck. My sugars were really low, so I ate....and ate....and ate. I didn't eat so much that it was gross, but more than I should've. I at least could have skipped dessert. *groans*

I suck.

On another note...I love Jon so much. I can't wait until we are married. My dad gave me gift certificates for Tim Hortons and Starbucks so that me and Jon could go on dates more often. That was sweet.

Since we were both working on V-Day, we're celebrating on Friday. I think we will see or rent a movie and buy some pitas from my fav pita shop. He also wants to buy an ice cream cake, but I don't know that we have money for that. I hate being broke. I couldn't even buy him anything for V-Day. Our 1 year is coming up soon, but I'll be broke then too. Bummer.